Landia Davies 1979) is a South African artist.

Landia studied Journalism, Environmental science and Sustainable Development. She only started sculpting in 2021, but had always felt somehow that she was an artist. She is represented in several well-established South African art galleries.

She has a small studio in Overberg, near Swellendam in the Western Cape. The sculptor loves working in clay which is then cast in bronze or resin. She describes her style as quirky and modern. Most of her sculptures thus far have mostly been small creatures.

Her sculptures are about being brave enough to be vulnerable and they are connecting with our human emotions. They invite to cherish naivety and value playfulness in the midst of life’s complexity. Gender and genus dont really matter. Her figures are intentionally naive and she wants the viewer to wonder what they are and hopefully find that defining their form is less important than feeling their state of being.

Kwaaitjie is a stoic figure with plenty of attitude. This sculpture is about having the determination to get through challenges and it speaks to unexpressed human emotions. Goggles is a brave little adventurer who dreams of flying to wild new places. This piece is about being adventurous and never giving up on your dreams. Sexy Thing is about being bold and loving yourself as you are. Aeroplane captures the feeling of complete joy and freedom experienced in childhood play. It expresses gratitude to the loving parents or guardians who enable kids to live openly and trust fully. Dragon Girl is a reminder to dare to dream of being what you want and to follow your heart’s desire, even into adulthood. Slumbelina is a beautiful sleeping lady.

Naive figurines with a deeper meaning