Welcome to the wonderful world of The Boutique Gallery. And yes, I’m writing wonderful world, because this exactly is what I wish for our galleries: they should be the sort of place where visitors can be amazed by the continuous creativity of our artists, enabling you to escape from reality for a while. We love the kind of art that makes people dream away.

Our selections and exhibitions are based on those artworks that leave us with a wondrous feeling, those pieces of art that we would like to see in our own home or garden. Most often they are the intriguing artworks that leave you wondering how they came about, and what the line of thought of the artist was while they were created.

Art that can make you laugh or cry, art by which you can get excited or on the contrary soothed, but definitely art that will never leave you unmoved.

My husband and I started this adventure four years ago in Cape Town and since then we have been traveling the world in search of artworks with that extra special touch.

This also explains the variety of our artworks, created by artists coming from every corner of the globe: from Cape Town to Texas, from Los Angeles to London, but also from Ostend to Grobbendonk, Amsterdam and Utrecht.

What a great privilege it has been for us to meet so many creative people and to have been able to unite them in our galleries, in order to create a joyful experience for you as a visitor. This experience is absolutely possible when you visit our galleries, but we would also like to invite you dearly to our openings, events and fairs: we will be happy to welcome you anytime and receive you personally with a big smile.

Ellen Christian-Vaesen

Virtual Exhibition Visits. 

In these strange times, we made it possible for you to visit our exhibitions from the comfort of your home.  Take a virtual tour around The Boutique Gallery Exhibitions.

Explore “Welcome to Disneyland” by Oliver Pauwels or the Isabelle Scheltjens exhibition that is currently at The Boutique Gallery in Antwerp.  >> click here. 

Currently in Antwerp. 

Visit us at The Boutique Gallery in Antwerp,
for the Solo Exhibition of Isabelle Scheltjens.
“Distance creates beauty”

Currently in Sint-Martens-Latem. 

Group exhibition by Joel Moens de Hase, Veerle de Vos, Isabelle Scheltjens, Samuel Allerton, Alexandre de Poplavsky, Olivier Pauwels & Guy du Toit.

Virtual Exhibit | Welcome to Disneyland by Oliver Pauwels | Sint-Martens-Latem | The Boutique Gallery
The Boutique Gallery | Antwerp | Isabelle Scheltjens

The Boutique Gallery | Sint-Martens-Latem 2020

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