Samuel Allerton, °1976 Cape Town |  South Africa

After graduating from the University of Cape Town’s Michaelis School of Art, Samuel opened his sculpture studio in Franschhoek, near Cape Town. Since 2003, his sculptures have been exhibited in several group and solo exhibitions in South Africa and later in Belgium. His artworks enhance several collections abroad and he has received many awards.

Allerton mainly works in bronze and resin. Nature and the environment are key subjects of his work: he pays homage to nature or fights for its cause. He denounces its horrific abuse and neglect by mankind. Two styles emerge from his work: minimal, spiritual and contemplative pieces and more aggressive, shouting (for help or to reprimand) ones.

After visiting Congo’s Virunga Park, the artist got inspired by some of the last surviving majestic mountain gorillas and created his Soul Series, in which he uses humor and popular culture imagery. The gorillas are a metaphor for the power and fragility of nature.

“Our souls as humans are linked to nature. Nature depends ons us, let’s protect her.”

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