Olivier Pauwels (°Ostend, 1974), alias BOHI, is a Belgian artist.

After getting a graphic arts degree and gifted with an eye for detail, Olivier quickly focused his passion on unique three-dimensional assemblages. He has been exhibiting worldwide since 2004: Germany, France, The Netherlands, Italy (Venice Biennale), China, Taiwan, The USA,…

Film director George Miller (Happy Feet, Babe,…) had Pauwels fabricate props for his Academy Award winning movie Mad Max: Fury Road (2015). After all, Pauwels creates his own surreal world filled with fantastic machines (submarines, UFO’s,…) and populated with fascinating android Cyber Babies. Which, just like his machines, are made from recycling materials with the exception of plastic.

His latest project, Welcome 2 Disneyland shows Cyborg Mickeys wearing a yellow safety-vest. With the contrast between protesting in Paris and happiness in nearby Disneyland, the artist expresses (similar to the Gilets Jaunes), his dissatisfaction with our society.

“By shaping his wonderful world, Pauwels wants to tickle our fantasy.”

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