Gil Bruvel (°1959) was born in Australia, but raised in the South of France.

Nowadays, he lives and works in Wimberley, Texas. Thanks to his training in his father’s cabinet-making business, his work displays a high-level craftmanship. Bruvel uses a wide range of media for his paintings and sculptures (bronze, wood, stainless steel, mixed media), and even makes functional art (furniture). He was influenced by architects as Zaha Hadid or Frank Gehry. Gil is a synesthete: he experiences colour in a special way.

The artist is represented by galleries worldwide and he is the recipient of numerous rewards. He exhibits extensively throughout the world.

Bruvel is practicing meditation. His curiosity about the human mind is reflected in his stunning latest series Bending the Lines. Many of the themes that defined his earlier work culminate in this series. Every unique face is constructed of (burnt) wood sticks, cut by hand, arranged together and painted. On one side of the work a tranquil face emerges (figurative), on the other side there’s an explosion (abstract): the complexities of the interconnectedness in the human mind. These pixelated wooden faces embody the emotions that accompany deep inner reflection: a contrast between external tranquillity and internal commotion in the brain.  

“I think people relate to art because we see ourselves in art.”

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