Ferdi B Dick (°1977, Ixopo) is a South African artist, who spent his childhood in Greytown.

Ferdi is living and working in Cape Town, South Africa. He began as a 3D animator and soon started using modern computational technology to create his sculptures. He uses digital models, which find material form via 3D printing. These are subsequently used for his bronzes -cast using the lost-wax technique- and for his sculptures in stainless steel, influenced by cartoons and animation. His childlike characters from popular culture appear innocent. With their exaggerated features they sometimes are a bit comical. They possess a certain fluidity, accentuated by his use of polished bronze and stainless steel.

Ferdi has a warm heart for animals and he portrays them in an animated, action-orientated motion. As they are unable to speak, he tries to capture their emotions in his artworks.

The city of Taiyuan in China ordered a large public sculpture from the artist. It is a metal ox – symbol of strength and persistence-, to commemorate 2021, the Year of the Metal Ox. Previously his work was also  exhibited in New York.

The fluidity of animation characters expressed in polished bronze and steel.  

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