Evi Van den Plas (°1989, Herentals) is a Belgian artist.

While studying art at school in Turnhout, Evi took the ‘Visual and Architectural Formation’ course. She then went on studying to become an ‘orthopaedic prosthetics maker’ and she soon realised that she wanted to keep working with her hands. During an internship, she learnt to ‘sculpt’ aesthetic silicone prostheses, basically a practical form of hyperrealism, a style she subsequently enjoyed in her painting as well.

She eventually found her passion in creating artworks in plaster and thus her studio ‘Art et Vie’ was born. This is not only a reference to her own name, but also to the art that is part of her life and the themes reflected in her work: the struggles in life, the obstacles to overcome and how to deal with them.

Ups and downs are part of life and she literally tries to translate this into her work: the figurines, in polymer clay (coated with epoxy resin), which are either brightly coloured or monochrome, are climbing on a white rolling and undulating landscape, clambering over the obstacles in the background or helping each other to do so. Everyone broods or struggles with something sometimes, but through her art Evi wants to help turn negative moments into something positive, for instance by thinking of all the achievements you are proud of, she says.

Evi creates ‘3D Sculptural Art’ with a beautiful symbolic meaning.

Overcoming obstacles in a creative way.”