David DeBusseré (°1979, Gent) is a Belgian artist.

At the age of eighteen, David started painting and experimenting with paint, various materials and bright colours.

De Busseré creates wonderful 2D paintings, inspired by nature. Birds and butterflies inspired him to use fluorescent colours. Exotic brightly coloured butterflies and neon birds are recurring themes in his art. They symbolise his ‘Wonderland’, an imaginary colourful and happy paradise, in which they cheerfully flutter and fly. A world far from daily stress, where it is wonderful to stay. David’s visual language is simple, but yet it touches the spectator. His happy art has been shown in many Belgian exhibitions.

The artist defines his work as ‘juxtapositivism’: he uses many different materials lying on top or next to one another and adds elements which radiate hope and positivity. He structures his paintings in an apparently guileless way. Brightly coloured wooden sticks contribute to the creation of depth in his artworks. Butterflies are spreading their beautifully coloured wings. Multicoloured birds are flying from nicely structured colourful birdhouses in a lyrical way.

David named his birds series ’No Clouds, No Worries’, his works with sweetly coloured hearts are called ‘Love Story’ and ‘Another World’ is the title of his artful butterfly works.

‘Love each other, don’t argue about stupid things, stay healthy, be happy!’


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