Boy George (°1961, Eltham/London – George O’ Dowd) 

Boy George became a world star as lead singer of the iconic band Culture Club. As soon as the band made its appearance in Top of the Pops, George became a notorious figure. To this very day he remains one of the most colourful pop stars in Britain’s history.

However, Boy George is also a talented photographer, fashion designer and artist. Following his very successful November 2019 first solo exhibition in Monaco, and after many positive reviews, his exhibition is traveling the world. The boutique Gallery has the honour of presenting his paintings and serigraphs in Belgium.

His mixed media artworks are usually very colourful. They are reminiscent of the star’s wardrobe and make-up. His first paintings were self-portraits and representations of his clothing. According to him, creating art is almost a compulsive need. He usually doesn’t determine in advance what will be portrayed and never makes an exact replica of an object or a person. There is always a twist or an exaggeration present.

He thinks imperfect people are the most interesting, hence probably his often recurring Scarman. Sometimes he finds inspiration in people he once met or admires. His art matches his music and personality: colourful, dramatic, bold, not subtle and even provocative.

‘Fill the world with beautiful things!’ 

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