Alexandre de Poplavsky (°1991) is a French artist.

Alexandre de Poplavsky lives and works in London. He studied at the ESAG Penninghen in Paris and at the UAL Chelsea College of Art in London. He’s a polyvalent artist, who expresses his creativity through different supports: collages on canvas, sculptures (resin) or even the human body. His sculptures, for example his Art Toys (Mickey, Mario, rabbits (with or without butterflies) …) are housed in an acrylic glass box. The backgrounds of his paintings show paper collages: fragments of cartoons, newspapers, etc. and a large female head is depicted centrally in black and white. A dash of gold or silver leaf often illuminates the background.

His artworks can be found in numerous collections, for example in London, France, Switzerland, South-Africa and Belgium.

The artist designed a unique black and white pattern of interlacing lines, a symbol for the choices in life. It can be found on his Art Toys. His imagination is stimulated by the people surrounding him, by wisdom, by vices, by death, and so much more. He thinks a good presentation is essential for an artist to be successful, because people don’t have time anymore for art analysis. Being creative is vital for Alexandre; it’s almost an addiction.

“Art is my emergency exit out of this world.”

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