Pablo Dona (°1978, Argentina) 

The Argentinean artist Pablo Dona is living and working in sunny Miami and this is reflected in his happy and bright artworks. Like some kind of contemporary Peter Pan, he creates two and three dimensional artworks, and is also into photography and mixed media works, expressing his nostalgia for a happy childhood. 

Dona thinks that as a child we are the most pure. At this time in life, our emotions have not been manipulated yet. Our view of the world is still clear. Everything is still full of light and nothing seems blurred or dimmed. Pablo wants to go back to this time, in which we are still our pure selves. His art is the bridge back to our pure childhood, in which everything was still simple. Nevertheless, these simple things turn out to be magical, once we look at them with the eyes of a child. 

In his magical universe, sharks are swimming and boats are sailing in teacups. A holiday atmosphere with colourful parasols and cheerful bathers is omnipresent and all kinds of delicious sweets are looking irresistible. His compositions are often made out of miniature figures or small erasers in the form of animals. Bright shades and candy colours make everything joyful and playful, clear and fresh. It makes you feel happy spontaneously. Pop idol Justin Bieber is already a huge fan of this frivolous artist! 

“An immersion in Pablo’s wonderland is like taking a bridge back to the imagination and the pure and magical emotions of a happy childhood.”

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