Veerle De Vos (°1962, Avelgem) is a Belgian female artist.

After a bachelor in psychology and a career in teaching, banking and insurance, Veerle turned her life around after suffering a serious fall off her bike: she became a visual artist. She has been exhibiting in Belgium since 2007: i.a. in Gent, Kortrijk and Knokke.

Veerle de Vos is experimenting with new techniques, materials, colours, forms and themes. She has used clay, polyester, precious metals, bronze and Carrara marble. De Vos’s artworks are objects to see and feel. She started with her Dikke madammen (Fat Ladies) and sturdy Oerbeesten (Primal Beasts), both a symbol of the origin of fertility. The essence of their beauty lies in their souls and they are intentionally not perfectly formed. Her more recent statues are life-sized: athletic and powerful bronze female divers and statues in yoga postures, illustrating the spiritual coherence between body and mind.

“Humans and animals take centre stage in De Vos’s earthly universe.”

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