Marco Olivier (°1972) 

Marco Olivier is an artist based in Cape Town, where he owns and runs a bronze foundry. The artist creates spectacular sculptures. 

In his early 20’s, after a career as an Air Force engineer and starting his own company as a furniture designer, Marco became a full-time professional golfer in the UK, where he owned a professional golf academy. In 2014, led by his passion to create, he started his bronze casting foundry in Cape Town. In 2017, his first amazing art piece was created. 

Marco enjoys casting in aluminum and bronze. His magnificent monumental faces in resin, reinforced with fiberglass and stainless steel are proof of his craftsmanship. The artist is fascinated by the interplay of light, texture and color. His spectacular and unique works are eye catching.

Monumental size magnificent and eye catching faces capturing the light.

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