Jaco Johannes Sieberhagen (°1961, Victoria West, South Africa) is a South-African artist.

Jaco studied at the universities of Port Elisabeth (anthropology and psychologie) and Stellenbosch (theology) and also at the University of South Africa. 

He was an occasional sculpture student of professor Jos Nell. Jaco has a deeply religious background. Since 2009 he has been living in Onrus.

From 2001 on, his art has been shown worldwide: in the US, Australia, Nigeria, France, USSR, Germany, Italy, China, Taiwan, etc. Sieberhagen received numerous rewards and his sculptures can be admired in public and private exhibitions. 

Jaco’s favourite materials are wood and metal. His two-dimensional metal sculptures in sheet steel are precision laser cut, welded together and finally covered with matte spray paint. 

To tell his visual story, the artist often uses archetypal figures, symbols and elements of nature. He is asking identity questions. He criticises injustices throughout history, the superficiality of popular culture and the destruction of the Earth by man’s greed. Jaco often makes series of artworks about a certain theme. The sculptures of this modest artist are often food for thought, but they are at the same time humorous and playful.

“Art that is taking the viewer’s mind for a walk.”

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