Guy du Toit (°1958 Rustenburg), is a South African artist.

He graduated from the University of Pretoria in 1982 and received a BA (Fine Art) degree. He works in his studio in Swavelpoort, gives lectures and is a teacher at the University of Pretoria. He is one of South Africa’s most accomplished sculptors and has received numerous awards. Since 1989, he has exhibited extensively both locally in South Africa and internationally in Taipei (China), The Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, Miami (USA), Belgium,…

Guy du Toit uses bronze, stone, wood and steel in his sculptures and draws in pen, ink and charcoal. ‘My objects come from my immediate environment, selected for their non-heroic, open-ended meaning’, he says.

He fuses Western and African realities. His long-eared anthropomorphic bronze hares (symbols of life, rebirth and energy) are funny and a little quirky. They engage in human behavior: dancing, thinking, fighting, being naughty, jogging,… The artist likes them to have a noble, ancient look. Their charm lies in their beautiful simplicity.

“Guy du Toit’s hares have a lightness of being… They are like a flash of the truth.” – Sculptor Wilma Cruise

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