Alan Waring (1967) is a Danish sculptor, who is living and working in Jyderup, Denmark.

For the last twenty years, Alan Waring has proven himself to be a successful sculptor of unique ceramic artworks.

Waring is constantly challenging his ceramic art and trying to push its boundaries. He creates sculptures which combine a naturalistic and respectful representation of the animal with elements of the human environment. The combination of these two worlds results in a complex and almost surreal image, with a humorous twist.

The art of Waring originates from his love of nature. His fascination for animals started at a young age, when he travelled to Africa, where he admired the wild animals. Alan calls himself an animalier, the French expression for an artist specialised in portraits of animals.

Form, harmony, muscle power, ferocity and movement of the animal are perfectly pictured, which reflects his excellent understanding of ceramic sculpture and its possibilities.

Waring is inspired by the human intervention in nature’s ecosystem. The fact that our modern technology is able to provide animals with prosthetic devices and implants also fascinates the artist. His art comments on human actions and their implications on animals and nature.

Alan Waring’s art is represented in numerous galleries  and private collections in Denmark and beyond.

Ceramic animal sculptures with a touch of humour.

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