Sandrine ‘Sandre’ Schohn

(°1971, Saint-Raphaël, France)

Sandre was educated as a decorator. She studied at the Lycée d ‘Art Plastique M.J.M à Nice. She paints what she sees and from the age of three, she started mixing colours. The artist admires painters such as Picasso, Vargas and Buffet. Painting and drawing are some kind of evasion for her, and just as necessary as oxygen. Her artworks have been exhibited since 1991 (Fréjus), and during the summer of 1998, she has made decorations for Ivana Trump. She painted for Steven Spielberg and various stars in France, like Brigitte Bardot and Patrick Bruel, have one of her canvasses.

Sandrine paints modern women: rebellious women, but also modest and romantic ones. She wants the faces of her subjects to express emotion. Her paintings reveal numerous colours.

She paints her own life and era, to transfer a message and to leave behind a beautiful trace of the life she lived. The artist with the rebellious temperament, paints her life the way she experiences it with her own heart and as she formulates it, with her big eyes wide open.

The artist’s life, represented in colourful paintings of modern women.

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