Mariela Garibay

(°1976, Lima) is a Peruvian sculptor.

Mariela studied at the University of Peru (PUCP) and graduated in drawing and sculpture. She also has a degree in urban design from the University of Barcelona. She taught at the Fine Arts School of Ayacucho and at PUCP. 

She won the Winternitz prize twice (1997 and 1999) and the first prize of a national drawing contest in 2005. In 2004 she had her first and successful solo exhibition, working in stone. In Peru she executed several works of art commissioned by the state. She also makes bronze sculptures. Several art galleries have exhibited her artworks extensively in Europe and South America.

According to Mariela, realizing a sculpture is a work of patience: after many hours of reflection, it sometimes takes months to realize a mature sculpture from a previous drawing. 

Mariela Garibay creates tender, childish or babylike chubby figurines. Her sculptures are cute and figurative, but not realistic. Characterized by round shapes, they capture a happy moment and have a positive, simple, innocent, and sincere look. Their gestures are playful. 

Mariela Garibay’s cuddly and joyous sculptures often express a moment of serene happiness.

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