Marck (°1964, Zürich) is a Swiss artist.

Swiss artist, handyman and musician Marck has been exhibiting his works from 1982 on. In 1998 he went to video artist GMDThree in New York to get a training and at SAE, NYC he received an education as media designer and multimedia producer.

Marck merges sculpture with video installations in an amazing way. His art has been exhibited for many years, even in museums as the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Marck is still living and working in Zurich.

Women are the main characters of his video sculptures. They are embedded in a metal frame: a metaphor for the boundaries women are confronted with in society. In a way they are looking for a way out of their captivity, graciously and seemingly carefree, in an endless cycle.

His original Human Clock is fantastic to watch: the digital numbers are formed by human bodies. The Clock is connected to the Internet and infallibly shows time.

Marck’s installations breach the flat screen of the video: smoke or fire may escape from the metal frame, allowing the installation to be part of the world of the viewer to an even greater extent. The two dimensionality comes to life.

“Brilliant combination of technology and artistic expression in video sculptures.”

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