Kunst met een R, Ruben Verheggen (°1986, Utrecht) and his girlfriend Eva Post are a Dutch artist duo.

Ruben is the mastermind behind most concepts and he also handles the execution. He graduated from the Junior Academy in 2011 and subsequently received many assignments in the advertising industry. He started Kunst met een R in 2012. Eva stopped teaching primary school, to devote herself completely to her passion: art. She has an eye for detail and focusses on modeling the small polymeric clay figurines. The artists combine painting with photography and 3D handwork.

Kunst met een R has been exhibited in Melbourne, New York, Saint-Tropez, Hong Kong, Paris and Amsterdam. The couple finds inspiration in everyday life: children, a bite from a donut, ice cream, fatties, oldies, fancy waiters,…

They create characters whose peculiarities are magnified and even exaggerated.

“For Kunst met een R Humor is key. They consider their art as eye candy.”

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