Isabel Miramontes (°1961, Santiago de Compostela) is a Spanish artist.


The artist grew up in Belgium, Brussels, where she also studied. She obtained a teaching diploma from the Sainte-Marie Institute in Brussels. Isabel took courses at the Academy of Fine Arts in Saint-Gilles and studied with Patrick Pouillart, where she learned to draw from live models. She also attended classes of art historian Gastón Fernandez. In 1994 she discovered sculpture at a friend’s studio and found her favourite mode of expression.

Generally, Isabel creates bronzes with a warm patina. Her abstract and surreal sculptures show elongated bodies and exaggerated movements. She plays with proportions. Postures and movements are important to her. Her fluid sculptures show the human body cut into strips, divided into bands (almost like a mummy), spirals and twisted shapes, contrasting with an expressionless face.

Miramontes aims not only to convey the physical, but also the emotional activity of the human being. She visualises both the strength and fragility of the human body, often adding a touch of drama.


“Poetical bronze sculptures of fractured, emotional figures.”

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