David Uessem

(°1981, Engelskirchen)

Uessem is a German artist. David is living and working in Oberberg, near Cologne. He studied free painting at Bochum (IBKK) in Prof. Dr. Qi Yang’s Masterclass, who inspired him to make his own formal language, based on opposites.

These last several years his art has been shown at numerous exhibitions and art fairs across Europe and the United States. His personal style is very distinctive and characteristic. David has a real talent for painting realistic portraits, maybe even hyperrealistic. In his surrealistic visual world, he combines reality with illusion. His oil on canvas paintings are more than life-size. The main character is often masked. He paints shiny foils and sequins and portrays animals. His compositions are bold and he uses both contrasting and harmonious colours.

The main themes he uses in his works are fear, vulnerability and insecurity, but also strength and pride.

“(Hyper)realistic portrait paintings with a twist.”

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