(°1969, Menen) is a Belgian artist.

Ann Deman studied Applied Economics at KUL (1994, Leuven, Belgium) and visual design at the art academy in Courtray (Kortrijk, Belgium), where she lives. She has a studio in Tiegem.

As a young artist, she already created an impressive statue: Moeder Aarde I (Mother Earth I), which can be admired along the river Lys (Leie) in the village of Sint-Martens-Latem. And meanwhile, Moeder Aarde II (Mother Earth II) is lying in Courtray, in the Albert Park.

Ann makes statues in bronze, synthetic resin and porcelain.

This year she had her own exhibition at Broeltoren Noord, Courtray called Journey.

Nevertheless, her statues can also be found abroad, even as far as Tasmania.

Ann creates her statues intuitively. They are very tangible and sensual. Sometimes they radiate passion. She always works around the theme of connection: connection with the earth (Moeder Aarde and Connected, her female body parts) or with her fragile foetuses series in porcelain (Journey), she was looking for connections in care institutions.


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